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  • Hey Peak-

    I hope you’re well! After reading your article regarding nitrate contamination in Iowa’s drinking water this morning, I thought it might be prudent to reach out and introduce myself & my company.

    I work for 120WaterAudit – We specialize in easy, affordable, lab-certified water testing for homes & schools. We can test for virtually any type of contaminant and our process is incredibly simple – A customer signs up online, receives a box in the mail, fills the enclosed bottle with water 1st thing in the morning, puts it back in the box, attaches the enclosed return mailing label & drops it in their mailbox. Less than 14 days later, they receive their results.

    Beyond introducing myself and my company, I wanted to offer either myself or a member of our leadership team up as a source for any additional stories you pen regarding water contamination, regardless of the specific contaminant.

    Thanks, Peak!


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