Uber_Press_Conference_DJ_20160129_5110Last year, Raymond Reyes, a 25 year veteran in the army, retired. Searching for something new to hold him over he was first introduced to Uber when visiting his brother in New York City when he was traveling from the JFK airport.

He recalled his story earlier at a Uber press conference in response to the targeting of ridesharing by the Philadelphia Parking Association (PPA). Mostly brought to light after yesterday’s Philadelphia Daily News article.

“I realized that for me, driving for Uber would be the perfect way to get out of the house to see the city and meet new people,” Reyes said.

Reyes signed up to join the popular ridesharing service and everything seemed to be going well, he said, until one day in Center City he received a trick request.

Two riders, wearing plain clothes, jumped into the back seat making Reyes suspicious. The riders, Reyes said, were seemingly staging a conversation that centered around bashing the PPA and making sure Reyes could hear every word.

“They had me drive up to Northeast Philly and once I got to the destination once I unlocked the door, immediately they ran out of the car,” Reyes said. “A third person a tall person opened my passenger side door and tried to take my keys out of the ignition. At that moment I thought I was being car jacked. I was about to defend myself but when I saw a Philadelphia Police Officer come up to my driver side window with her hand upon her holster she told me to cease and desist.”

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