Had a chance to sit in on the second segment where Marty discussed “Creed” with JAKE BLUMGART, FRANK KUBACH, and TERRENCE LEWIS

Guest: Peak Johnson, Joe Turner, Jake Blumgart, Frank Kubach, Terrence Lewis Today Radio Times goes to the movies. We’ll start off with the most anticipated film of the year, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” which opened last night. Marty talks with two diehard Star Wars fans — PEAK JOHNSON, a Philadelphia writer who contributes to The Huffington Post,, and Geekadelphia and JOE TURNER, the co-owner of Atomic City Comic in Philadelphia. Then, the new “Rocky” film, “Creed,” returns to the city of brotherly love featuring locations all around the city. Marty talks with JAKE BLUMGART, a reporter and editor based in West Philadelphia who has written about the movie’s depiction of poverty in Philadelphia. We’ll also hear from FRANK KUBACH, the owner of Front Street Gym in Kensington where scenes for the movie were shot and TERRENCE LEWIS, a trainer at Front Street Gym and a former heavyweight fighter about the Rocky movies and Philadelphia’s boxing culture –