robo-642x336I was always curious as to what the anime Robotech was about. Sure, the name Robot is in the title but I always assumed that it was more to it.

Could it be similar to other anime shows that deal with robots as mechanized weapons of warfare? Or could it be a letdown that did not live up to the hype that I was hearing so much about?

It’s true, I’ve never watched the show. As a child I was too consumed with watching Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing (another anime involving giant robots), and Sailor Moon. The latter of which was talked about heavily at recess.

Robotech was never mentioned but only occasionally brought up. Over the years I have seen the many shrines to it in action figures and model sets, but still decided to pass on the series. One day while perusing I found the complete set for a reasonable price and decided to purchase it.

I was hesitant at first because I like to check shows out on Netflix or rent them from the library before I actually buy them. I also stopped watching anime some time ago and I just wasn’t sure if I could get into a series so late in the game. What ultimately pushed me into purchasing the set was not just the price, but the fact that I still find myself enjoying robots fighting each other.

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