The closest that I ever came to becoming a professional tap dancers was watching television in the late 1990s. On the “The Jamie Foxx Show” or “Saturday Night Live,” I would occasionally catch a dancer performing something fantastic. I was captivated by their fluid movement, as if their art were just second nature to them.

I never pursued dancing myself. I have no rhythm. But I still love to watch others dance.

When I first found out about an all-female tap dancing ensemble in Philadelphia accidentally on Facebook, naturally I was intrigued. They are called the Lady Hoofers, and I had to find out what was behind that name.

Like anything else in life pursuing, tap takes a lot of time and energy to get it right. I could hear just how determines the Hoofers are to perfect their craft when I visited them one chilly Sunday evening at the Institute of Dance Artistry in Plymouth Meeting.

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Photo: Joel. Flickr Creative Commons


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