Tree Tenders is a city-wide program in Philadelphia developed by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. The primary mission of the program is to encourage people to volunteer and plant trees in their neighborhood.

John Dobbs, coordinator for the Olney Tree Tenders, had always been a lover of trees and when first hearing about the Tree Tenders, had wanted to learn how to get more involved with the program.

“We needed three people from our neighborhood in order to go to their training,” Dodds said.  “So it was me, my wife and another person. We were able to start the Olney program in 2011.”

The main focus of the Olney Tree Tenders is planting what they call “street trees” in neighborhoods alongside the homes of Olney residents.

Together with his staff of all volunteers, Dodds ventures out into the community to solicit people who may want trees planted by their home.

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