Khalif Younger, a graduate of Mastery Charter School, is a mentor in training at Friend Fitness thanks in part to his girlfriend who had introduced him to Coach Chris Major, director of Friend Fitness.

“I used to just come to the meetings with my girlfriend to show some support and run with them as well,” Younger said.  “Coach Major was interested and intrigued in my character, so he asked me if I wanted to join him in this mentorship program and I took him up on his offer.”

During his first workout with Friend Fitness, Younger wasn’t sure if he could complete the required exercise routine.

With the positive reinforcement from Major, Younger kept going and persevering and was able to get through the manual resistance exercises.

“But you know, at this program, all they want you to do is give 100%,” Younger said. “If you can’t do it all, just try your best, don’t give up. That’s all they want from you is to not give up.”

The Youth Mentoring Partnership Friend Fitness Program, located at the Mastery Charter High School Shoemaker campus, commits itself to helping kids overcome formidable challenges and assist in forging character, building mental toughness, and mastering goal setting skills through intense physical fitness and sports.

The biggest thing about this program is helping the youth, Younger said. Another aspect for him is being able to mentor them at the program both personally and socially.

To Younger, being a mentor is one of the biggest opportunities and eye-opening experiences.

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