This summer, 38 youth from The Attic Youth Center’s PYN Service Learning Program worked together to make an online toolkit that represents student voices on the issues of homophobia, safety, and celebrating diversity.

These dynamic groups of students “represent gay, straight, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual 9th to 12th graders, and a rainbow of race and ethnicity.” The LGBTQ Education for Awareness Recognition and Nondiscrimination toolkit is an easy-to-use resource for teachers, students and community groups that include videos, posters for classroom use, facts, research, and printable documents.

The 2012 Safe Schools Toolkit is available here.

“It is our hope that this toolkit will provide all members of the school community, from students, to teachers, to administrators with a user-friendly means to facilitate cross-cultural learning and community-building dialogue that lends itself to the development of schools as safe spaces for LGBTQ individuals,” Kelly Kroehle, Coordinator of The Bryson Institute, The Attic’s Education and training program said.

The toolkit was made with the understanding that different contexts pose different challenges for talking about LGBTQ topics in schools.  The Attic worked hard to ensure that they developed a diverse array of approaches that were usable regardless of possible barriers such as, curricular mandates or limited financial resources.

The Attic hopes that the toolkit will demonstrate the immense power of the focused energy of a group of students to create positive change in their school community.

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