Riding a bike in the city is becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation — but for if you haven’t ridden a bike since childhood, even walking into a bike shop can be more than intimidating.

Edibikes wants to help change that sentiment and get more people biking.

An urban commuter-bike company, Edibikes was established by Jason Hoover and Sandeep Gopal this past March in Philadelphia. Their goal is to get more people commuting in the city with bikes instead of driving cars.

Hoover and Gopal were graduate students of the Engineering Design and Innovation Program at Northwestern University in Chicago when first stumbling upon the idea.

“We are engineers and designers by training and were interested in building products with a focus on sustainability,” Gopal said. “At the same time, as students we were always strapped for cash and were looking for convenient ways to get around Chicago without a car.”

A bike company geared toward mainstream bike commuters seemed a logical idea to the two. They found out there is no company that specifically builds products for this market and there is a growing interest among students and young professionals in commuting by bike instead of car.

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