Not every student decides to take advantage of the summer weather, relinquishing books and scholarly duties to relax at the beach. Some college students have chosen to perform rewarding research that will impact both their studies and their career path.

Cathy Chukwulebe, a rising junior at the University of Notre Dame, said she is working with the WeHab research team, which is developing a Nintendo-based program with therapeutic activities used to improve motor skills and balance in those who are physically impaired due to an injury, accident or illness.

“Through connections established from a class with Dr. Paul Brenner of the Center for Research Computing, I have recently been helping the WeHab team to expand their program’s applications to children with disabilities,” Chukwulebe said. “The team has been working with St. Joseph’s Pediatric Clinic and Memorial Children’s Hospital to install the WeHab system and collect data and feedback from its use by the therapists and patients.”

Chukwulebe, an engineering major, said by working with WeHab she hopes to gain a feel for what research is like and to improve her basic engineering skills.

“Changes to the program’s functionality and aesthetic appeal are the ongoing focuses for my work during the summer,” Chuwulebe said. “My work on the WeHab project will help both the research team to expand the applications of their device, which will benefit the success of the device among its consumers, and the versatility of their work in the world of research.”

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