So, how’s Temple?

Funny, last year at this time, I graduated from the Community College of Philadelphia and asked the same exact question of students I knew at Temple University. Now, when I visit CCP, I get asked the question.

So far, Temple has been great. It is challenging at times, but I wouldn’t change it. CCP prepared me to know what to expect of college-level work and how to best tackle it. CCP taught me those skills I was lacking a few years prior.

The transition into Temple was smooth, even smoother than I had expected. Perhaps it was because I had visited Temple before and remembered some of the university’s layout. Maybe it was the enthusiasm and excitement of my orientation and then convocation, where I was able to learn Temple’s pep rally chant. One day, I’ll actually make it out to a game and will be able to proudly chant along with my fellow Owls.

I knew that in my first semester I wanted to get involved in anything that had to do with journalism. Temple is a great hub for journalism, even if at times it seems that I am the only one focusing on the print aspects of it.

Honestly, there is not too much of a difference now that I am here at Temple, other than the lecture halls and some of the course work. From what I have experienced so far, I think a lot depends on the major that student chooses.

For me, the journalism classes were familiar. During my first semester, one of my many assignments as a journalism major was to wander around Philadelphia and interview an individual about a specific topic assigned by my professor. During my second semester I had to do something similar, except this time it involved video interviews.

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