Graduating senior Kathryn Knauth said she did not know what to expect during her first few interviews when applying for a position with Amazon’s A2Z Research and Development group.

The mathematics and computer science major said that it took time to get over her nervousness, but received great advice from the professors and mentors who assisted her at Temple.

“I certainly didn’t expect to get such a great job right out of college,” Knauth said. “At one point, I was considering graduate school. I’d still like to go back at some point, but for now I’m really excited to explore what’s going on in the West Coast technology sector.”

Knauth grew up in Reading, Pa., but has been living in Philadelphia for eight years. Originally a computer science major, Knauth decided to change last year.

“I chose computer science because I enjoyed programming a lot, and it seemed like there were many different career paths in the field,” Knauth said. “I switched to math and computer science because I’m a depraved individual who cannot get enough math in my life.”

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