was created in October 2011 to share the volunteer experiences of friends, David Kwon and Joanne Yoon, throughout Philadelphia at local nonprofit organizations.

At the time, Kwon and Yoon were looking for different organizations to get involved with. Among the websites they found were and

While the two said those are both quality websites, they felt they were missing testimonial accounts of volunteer efforts.

“Our mission is to serve as that link through volunteers and people, as well as motivate others to volunteer,” Yoon said.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Yoon said that in 2004 a lot of things had drawn her to Philadelphia, including its people. When transitioning to Philly life, she was able to obtain work at a finance company where she said she met a lot of interesting people and was able to develop friendships.

Kwon is no stranger to Philadelphia. He was born and raised in Philly and attended the University of Pennsylvania as a finance major.

Volunteering has always been an important part of both Yoon and Kwon lives, having a “personal desire” to serve their community since their early college years.

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