In September 2011, management at the TECH Center Starbucks began enforcing a policy prohibiting the tipping of baristas, due to policies put in place by Sodexo, Temple’s food-service provider that licenses the store. But one student insisted his tip be accepted, sparking his own exploration into Sodexo’s contract with students.

“I had stapled a dollar to a comment card, saying that I insisted they keep the dollar,” Adam McGuire, a senior social work major, said. “In addition to that, I asked what else Sodexo was doing to strip the rights of their workers.”

McGuire tried to find answers himself, writing letters to both Starbucks and the university, but said he received little information. He also contacted Sodexo, who promised meetings to discuss the issues.

“They were supposed to meet with me during winter break, but they kind of blew me off,” McGuire said. “When I got back from break they ignored me again, two weeks passed and they still didn’t get back to me.”

In an email, Sodexo General Manager David Tolbert wrote that he and District Manager Bryan Sparks had already spoken with McGuire and are available to speak with him again should he have any additional questions.

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