U Got Munchies, a popular food truck that made its way to Main Campus last semester, is slated to open its first restaurant this semester next door to the Owl’s Nest.

The restaurant, to be located at 2012 N. Broad St., will also be named U Got Munchies, but will offer more food for Temple students to indulge in, such as loaded hotdogs and Italian hot and mild sausages.

“It’s always been a kind of long-term goal to open up a restaurant,” owner Donald Altman said. “We were reaching limits with the truck and saw the opportunity to open up the restaurant and decided to go with it.”

Altman started U Got Munchies with fellow friends and co-owners, Adam Zeserman, Alexander Kipphut and James Maropoulos.

The business originally started in March 2010 as an online late-night snack delivery service. The four friends bought food, took pictures, posted them online and waited for hungry students to begin ordering.

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