It’s Tuesday evening near Temple University’s campus as Rosella Eleanor LaFevre, 20, sits in the nearby Dunkin’ Donuts jotting down ideas for the next installment of MLTS magazine.

The first issue, for now available only online, has been well received by its intending audience: women. MLTS standing for Most Likely To Succeed, is a magazine aimed at “providing readers with the know-how and help they need to do just about anything they wish”.

Anyone who questions the wisdom of LeFevre’s launch into on-line publishing should consider that she’s been able to launch each issue for less than $30; has amassed an impressive amount of journalism experience for her mere 20 years, and sees her work at MLTS as more than just being an editor.

“One of the things I’m trying to do with MLTS is give my friends, and eventually readers, more platforms to do what they want to do and find more avenues toward that profession,” LeFevre said. “I love journalism, so for me it’s about the journalism, but also about helping people.”

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