This is a follow up to a piece written about Tristan and his struggles opening up his ideal diner. I would suggest reading the other articles by visiting and typing Tristan’s name in the search box.

After Tristan English’s idea to open a 24-hour diner near Main Campus was denied by multiple prospective landlords, he searched elsewhere for a new location for his business. Now, he’s preparing to set up shop in South Philly.

English, former owner of Tristan Video store on Liacouras Walk, which closed after five years of service, planned to open the Night Owl diner last year in its place.

“I had everything ready and prepared to begin construction,” English said in an email. “All the money was raised, employees hired, everything.”

But, after experiencing difficulty in getting local landlords to accept his proposal, English looked a bit farther and was able to secure a location that would cost $1,000 less in rent per month than the video store.

“I eventually found a great location,” English said, of his new 622 S. 6th St. location. “It’s one block south of South Street – a space more than twice as big as the video store.”

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