Special to the Tri-State Defender

The city of Philadelphia is under siege by flash mobs.

The attacks began last year when marauding youth appeared on South Street, a Mecca of shops and eateries, then ruthlessly ransacked stores and attacked pedestrians for no apparent reason.

This summer, a series of new attacks, without any apparent provocation, have resulted in serious injuries to unlucky passersby.

Can the acts of a few damage an entire race? And furthermore, why are some youth so angry? Can it be that these attacks are simply the result of race as some are starting to suggest?

That’s what I set out to determine.

Here’s the backdrop:

One recent flash-mob rampage left one man hospitalized with a broken jaw. In June, a magazine editor was knocked down by a roaming group of teens and pre-teens in a brutal attack that resulted in a broken leg. The victim later said her injuries might have been more severe if some of the girls in the mob had not stepped forward to protect her.

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Editor’s Note: The shooting took place at the 1800 block of Judson street. Tyree Dumas’ gathering at Franklin Mills mall took place last year.