Hopefully the start of a blog series for the notebook, email me/comment if you have suggestions of what afterschool programs I should profile.

Sometimes I think of what my life would be like, or how it would have turned out, if I had not attended and ultimately become a teacher assistant with Project H.O.M.E.’s afterschool program, located at the Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs.

My assumption is that I would have continued high school and then worked my way slowly through college. It would have been harder, I think, because I would not have benefited from the college visits and preparation for the SATs and the FAFSA application process that the center provided for me. In my opinion, one does not really understand what college is until actually attending. Books, tuition, computer fees, food, – everything adds up. But I got a taste of what to expect having gone to PH’s program.

Before attending PH’s program, my days were simply full of homework and watching television. There was never much of a reason for me to really venture outside and play with the children of my neighborhood; they were pretty much into the same routine.

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