Jul 11

Struggling to understand

I must have watched the video of Alton Sterling’s son cry on the internet five times when it first appeared on my Twitter feed. I could not help but watch it over again, and try to understand what just happened and why. To see Cameron Sterling become the man of the house so suddenly, and …

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Jul 05

The Rooms Project: Recovery doesn’t have to be a struggle

On a humid Tuesday morning in Bucks County, in the surrounding neighborhood, a cul-de-sac setting, the only noise that can be heard is a water fountain from across the street. A backpack slung over her shoulder and a folding chair in one hand, Jillian Bauer, creator of The Rooms Project, walks up the stairs of …

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Jun 19

Our sidewalks suck. What can the City do about it?

The 1900 block of Ringgold Street appears as many other blocks in North Philadelphia. A few people stand on the corner or lean against rowhomes and talk.

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May 24

Connecting young minds through code

After a tour of duty in Iraq, Sylvester Mobley came back home to Philadelphia with an idea: To improve his community by helping inner-city youth become master coders.

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May 18

School community gathers to condemn violence against student

The Philadelphia local school community gathered together yesterday in support of Benjamin Franklin High School student Brian Burney.

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May 04

Looking forward to better days

The last image that I saw of my dad, was when he was laying in his casket. He looked so peaceful and it was at that moment that I realized I would never hear from him again.

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Apr 20

The life and death of El Diario

El Diario La Prensa was once a proud newspaper to be a part of, but with the constant urge to stay relevant in today’s time the paper has been hit with a number of layoffs and may soon be gone for good.

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Feb 05

A one-stop resource fair for Latinos at CCP

Roxanna Encarnación, a Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) came to the U.S. in her early teens and went straight to CCP to obtain her education. An alumni of the 2010 class, Encarnación now works as a loan servicer at Finanta in Philadelphia. “It was really eye opening,” Encarnación said of her time attending classes for the first time at …

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Jan 29

Uber PA’s general manager calls PPA ‘a broken system’

Raymond Reyes signed up to join Uber, the popular ridesharing service, and everything seemed to be going well, he said, until one day in Center City he received a trick request.

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Jan 28

A Conversation with Black Hood’s Duane Swierczynski

The Black Hood is Philly’s answer to the comic book vigilante problem that we currently do not have. Although we have been visited by some of the more famous of super heroes, Superman did stop here in Philly for a “Cheese Steak sandwich” at one point. The Punisher stopped by once as well, and Thomas Elliot (Hush from Batman) resided in Philly for a time.

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