Jan 29

Uber PA’s general manager calls PPA ‘a broken system’

Raymond Reyes signed up to join Uber, the popular ridesharing service, and everything seemed to be going well, he said, until one day in Center City he received a trick request.

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Jan 28

A Conversation with Black Hood’s Duane Swierczynski

The Black Hood is Philly’s answer to the comic book vigilante problem that we currently do not have. Although we have been visited by some of the more famous of super heroes, Superman did stop here in Philly for a “Cheese Steak sandwich” at one point. The Punisher stopped by once as well, and Thomas Elliot (Hush from Batman) resided in Philly for a time.

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Dec 18

Radio Times at the movies: “Star Wars” and “Creed”

  Guest: Peak Johnson, Joe Turner, Jake Blumgart, Frank Kubach, Terrence Lewis Today Radio Times goes to the movies. We’ll start off with the most anticipated film of the year, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” which opened last night. Marty talks with two diehard Star Wars fans — PEAK JOHNSON, a Philadelphia writer who contributes …

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Dec 02

Geek of the Week: Rebecca Barber, Ultrarunner and Founder of the Rocky 50K

It was just two years ago that Philadelphia’s own Rocky 50k run made its debut. What started as a joke by Philadelphia Magazine writer Dan McQuade has quickly evolved into a yearly tradition for hundreds of runners from across the country. (There was even a baby named in its honor!) Created by ultra-runner Rebecca Barber, the serpentine …

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Nov 11

At 17, Drexel Student Pushes Ahead

When Zakiya James attended Woodrow Wilson High School in her native city of Washington D.C., she quickly exhausted the curriculum that was being offered to her there. Zakiya, 14 at the time, was not being challenged and her mother, Shawna Malone, could see that. Malone attempted to enroll her daughter into higher-level courses at Woodrow, …

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Oct 15

Q&A with Illustrator & Designer Hilary Sedgwick About “Hip Hop Illies”

  Hilary Sedgwick created Hip Hop Illies with a core concept in mind; she wanted the personal project to be about Hip Hop but to also focus on different themes down the line. Manifesting from another project, Sedgwick first started Illies with an illustration of Biggie Smalls. She liked the drawing so much that she …

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Oct 01

Former Philly Gang Member on Honor, Reform and the Next Generation

Kevin Wilkins remembers the summer day long ago when he stared down a member of The Valley, a notorious gang that inhabited the streets of North Philadelphia in the ’60s and ’70s. He was around 16 at the time. The gang tested him and his peers from his North Philly neighborhood by beating them. It …

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Aug 03

Robotech: The Complete Series [Review]

I was always curious as to what the anime Robotech was about. Sure, the name Robot is in the title but I always assumed that it was more to it. Could it be similar to other anime shows that deal with robots as mechanized weapons of warfare? Or could it be a letdown that did …

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Jul 29

Experimental Hair Salon on Wheels Tries to Inspire Mobility in Homeless Clients

Visiting a barber shop or a hair salon may seem like a luxury, but an artist who visits shelters for homeless Americans sees it as a matter of identity. “Hair care is kind of seen as a non-essential need for people that are homeless,” says Jody Wood, creator of mobile hair salon Beauty in Transition. …

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Jun 02

Homeless, not hopeless: A View From the Free Library

I have never experienced the plight of homelessness, but I’ve seen many people throughout the streets of downtown Philadelphia who have. For the last six years, I have worked as a barista part time at the Philadelphia Free Library. I get homeless customers as well as the regular patrons of the library. Sometimes they arrive …

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